13 December 2008

Gimp 2.6: Order drawing tools by keyboard accelerators

It may be easier to remember keyboard accelerators (or shortcuts) if an application's tools follow the arrangement of the keys in the keyboard. Here's how to apply that idea to the Gimp 2.6 Toolbox.

The default arrangement of tools has this key order: E (ellipse select), R (rectangle select), F (free select), U (fuzzy select), Shift+O (select by colour) …

Gimp Default Toolbox

The new arrangement follows the QWERTY layout: Q (align), E (ellipse select), R (rectangle select), T (text), U (fuzzy select) …

Gimp Rearranged Toolbox

Here's how to find and move Gimp's drawing tools:

    Gimp Tool Dialog
  1. Open the Tools dialog (see picture on the right) by select menu item Windows / Dockable Dialogs / Tools.
  2. When you type a key, Gimp will highlight the tool in the Toolbox. For example, Q highlights the Align tool.
  3. Press the up or down arrow button in bottom of the Tools dialog to move the required tool to the desired position.

It's easier to customize Gimp's toolbox than Visio's toolbar because you can find a tool by typing its keyboard accelerator, while in Visio you have to browse through the tools in the Command menu until you find the required one.

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