25 August 2012

Resize HFM Running Tasks for Smaller Screens

The list of running tasks in HFM is often too wide to be viewed without scrolling the Internet Explorer (MSIE) window horizontally (unless you have a really big monitor). On a notebook, the Description column is often rendered under the right edge of the browser window. My workaround is to use a custom CSS to break the text in cells into separate lines so that the output is formatted to fit the window's width.

  1. Create a CSS file called Personal.css.
  2. Add this line to the file: td.line { white-space: normal !important; }.
  3. Open MSIE.
  4. In MSIE:
    1. Select menu item Tools, Internet Options.
    2. Press the Accessibility button.
    3. Tick the User style sheet checkbox and add the path to your CSS file in the Style sheet text field.

Using !important allows your custom CSS to override the HFM CSS definition, and white-space: normal allows the browser to break text in table cells at white spaces, instead of keeping the text in one line (HFM had white-space: nowrap).