28 October 2007

GIMP and Inkscape Stylus Tracking Problem

If you use a Wacom Graphire tablet and drawing tools GIMP 2.4 or Inkscape 0.45.1 on Windows Vista, you may find the cursor unresponsive; for instance, it would halt and jump to a new location after a some seconds of use. The problem seems to be caused by the underlying GTK library not processing all the events from the tablet device. Drawing tools that use different libraries, such as Paint.Net don't have this problem.

A work-around is to avoid using devices via the WinTab interface. Just add the following option to the Windows shortcut for the GIMP and Inkscape: --no-wintab.

There's some drawbacks of this work-around:

  • You can't use the pressure sensor on the Wacom stylus to change the drawing cursor in the GIMP.
  • You can't use the eraser on the rear of the Wacom stylus as another drawing tool.

2008-05-06: Another bug to track is Wacom Bamboo Doesn't Function with GTK apps in Win32.

26 October 2007

GIMP 2.4 Released

GIMP 2.4 has been released. For occasional users with Windows Vista, the most noticeable change is that it only takes seconds to load after the first time; in version 2.2.x, it used to take about half a minute. However, support for Wacom tablet is not good; the pointer still freezes after some seconds. Maybe the next version of GTK would improve the situation?

11 October 2007

Windows Command Selected Text

If I inadvertently click in a Windows cmd window when a batch job is running, the job halts because the window blocks all output while it waits for me to make a selection. The fix, of course, is to just hit the return key and clear the selection. Now I notice that if I start highlighting a selection, the text in the title bar is prepended with Select.