22 December 2006

MSIE Autocomplete Annoyance

I had accidentally typed the wrong URL for my test system into MSIE6 one day and whenever I try to visit the same site, MSIE6's autocomplete feature would NOT let me change the URL. The wrong URL I first entered was local:7001/ when I meant localhost:7001/. Now, each time I try to enter localhost:7001/, MSIE6 would replace what I typed with local:7001/.

There's no way to delete that URL in the address (unlike Firefox, Shift-Delete doesn't work for MSIE6's address bar). So I used the Clear History feature in MSIE6 and blew away my history.

Then I found that auto-complete not longer had previously entered folder paths in Windows Explorer nor the name of programs in the Windows Run dialog. This is definitely unexpected and very annoying.

04 December 2006

Weblogic Console Firefox incompatibility

After trying to add users to more than one group in the Weblogic console for half an hour and receiving this cryptic error each time ...

<BEA-240003> <Console encountered the following error weblogic.management.utils.NotFoundException: [Security:090259]Group undefined

... it dawned on me that no one else on site had encountered this problem. I switched from Firefox to Internet Explorer and the problem vanished.

31 Jan 2007: Note to myself. This problem occurred with Weblogic 9.1 and Firefox 2.0.