08 October 2006

Article: Blender for Windows Users

After struggling for an hour trying to use Blender, a 3D modelling, animation and rendering tool, I wrote a short article describing its GUI to get a better understanding. Maybe it will be useful to other beginners as well.

06 October 2006

Misc: SpamBayes For Outlook 2003

After trying Outlook 2003's spam detector for two weeks on my new notebook, I turned it off because it was still leaving spam in my inbox. Outlook's spam detector would even leave e-mail that had been classified with "{Spam}" in the subject by my corporate e-mail filter! I've installed SpamBayes again and look forward to a clean inbox in the near future.

Software: SVG Submarine Assault

Marek Raida was kind enough to send me the link to his SVG Submarine Assault game. It's pretty cool and comes with sound effects.

Software: Oracle Shutdown

I was trying to shutdown an Oracle server on my Windows test computer. Whenever I try to enter my credentials in the Oracle Enterprise Manager console, I get this message: RemoteOperationException: ERROR: Wrong password for user. Oracle's online help was utterly useless because it just describes exactly what I could see with no explanation or tips. I checked on Google and I found this thread. Message 173817 explains what to do, which is to allow my credentials to be used for running a batch job on Windows.