28 May 2006

Software: SVG Planetoids beta

A Planetoids game implemented in SVG and Javascript that works OK on Firefox 1.5 and Opera 9 (beta), but eventually crashes on MSIE6 + ASV3. Still investigating.

Edit: Changed to Planetoids.

21 May 2006

Software: SVG Cannons Update

Added some minor features to the SVG Cannons:

  • Player can change gravity value.
  • Basic keyboard shortcuts to elevate the barrel and fire the cannon.
Thanks to Jonathan Chetwynd, Richard Gnyla and Geoff Tham for their feedback!

15 May 2006

Software: SVG Cannons, Updated Sliding Tile Game

Been busily hacking over the last couple of weekends and finished SVG Cannons and updated SVG Sliding Tile puzzle.

Cannons is a simple turn-based game where each player tries to blast the other. Initially, I thought of introducing a basic AI for the second player but the whole project exploded into a mess of inter-related function calls because of the animation routine, so I left introducing an AI until I can figure out a more systematic way to do browser animation.

In the updated Sliding Tile Puzzle, the player can now choose a different sized puzzle (3x3 and 4x4) and there's a new randomize button which generates (in theory) solvable puzzles.

Julian remarked that my site, with all these 80s games, has a retro feel. :)

04 May 2006

Misc: Add SVG to Internet Explorer

If you are interested in seeing SVG implemented in Internet Explorer 7, login to the Microsoft Connect site and vote here. The only annoying thing with Connect is that you have to have a Passport account and you need to provide your name, country of residence and e-mail address (again!) in order to register to vote.

As of 4 May 2006, there are 198 votes, which seems (can't sort the features by votes) by far to be the largest number of votes for any feature.