15 May 2006

Software: SVG Cannons, Updated Sliding Tile Game

Been busily hacking over the last couple of weekends and finished SVG Cannons and updated SVG Sliding Tile puzzle.

Cannons is a simple turn-based game where each player tries to blast the other. Initially, I thought of introducing a basic AI for the second player but the whole project exploded into a mess of inter-related function calls because of the animation routine, so I left introducing an AI until I can figure out a more systematic way to do browser animation.

In the updated Sliding Tile Puzzle, the player can now choose a different sized puzzle (3x3 and 4x4) and there's a new randomize button which generates (in theory) solvable puzzles.

Julian remarked that my site, with all these 80s games, has a retro feel. :)