01 December 2008

Microsoft Word 2003 extra find next and find previous keyboard shortcuts

Unexpectedly found some extra keyboard shortcuts for Find Next and Find Previous functions in Microsoft Word 2003. The online help only lists Alt+Ctrl+Y for Find Next and no shortcut for Find Previous. You can also use Ctrl+PgDn for Find Next and Ctrl+PgUp for Find Previous. Bonus!

Later … Julian W. pointed out that this is part of the Browse Object feature. Press the circle icon below the page's scroll bar or type Atl+Ctrl+Home and Word displays the Browse Object panel. Select the object type you want to browse, e.g. Browse by Heading, then press the double-up or double-down arrowheads in the scrollbar to go to the previous or next object (in this case, heading). The tooltip displays the keyboard shortcuts, which are Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn, respectively.

Even later … Found Microsoft reference.

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