24 February 2007

SyncBack Website Synchronization

It's getting hard to manually keep files on my computer and web server for my little hobby web site in sync. For instance, I wanted to show someone a new page but forgot to upload the latest version of the index page so he couldn't find it; that's at least one reason to use a content management system.

After the usual trawl through download sites, I found SyncBack which provides the synchronization feature that I want. Like backup tools, you configure a profile, test the profile by doing a simulated run all the right files are copied, then execute or schedule a date to execute that profile. SyncBack's profile dialog has Easy and Expert modes. To synchronize my local files and FTP server, I had to use the Expert mode so that I can enter my FTP server's details. The profile dialog in this mode becomes too busy with a lot of tabs and options. It's also confusing to have two tabs called Simple and Advanced. These are just quibbles because I got a synchronization profile working fairly quickly.