06 September 2008

Change Default Text Font in Eclipse

Here's how to change the default font used by all the text editors in the Eclipse IDE:

  1. Select menu item Window / Preferences.
  2. In Preferences dialog, select node General / Appearance / Colors and Fonts.
  3. In Colors and Fonts pane, select node Basic / Text Font.
  4. Press Change… button to open the font selection dialog, select the font that you like, then close that dialog.
  5. Press Apply button.

Text editors that have specific fonts selected won't use the font selected in the Text Font property. If you want always use the default text font, select the text editor's font property in the Preferences dialog, then press the Reset button. You should see the text editor's font property change from … (overrrides default: Text Font) to … (set to default: Text Font).

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