14 December 2007

IronPython and Jython Hello Windows

The Python language has been ported to two major virtual machine platforms: IronPython for Microsoft .Net and Jython for Java. To get a flavour of these implementations, here are two Hello World scripts that open a window containing a label and a button.

IronPython Hello World Window

import clr
from System.Drawing import ContentAlignment, Size
from System.Windows.Forms import Button, FlowLayoutPanel, Form, Label

p = FlowLayoutPanel()
p.Controls.Add(Label(Text="A label:", Size=Size(50,20), TextAlign=ContentAlignment.BottomLeft))
p.Controls.Add(Button(Text="Press Me"))
f = Form(Text="Hello World", Size=Size(160,70))

Jython Hello World Window

# Jython Hello Window
from java.awt import FlowLayout
from javax.swing import JButton, JFrame, JLabel

f = JFrame("Hello", defaultCloseOperation=JFrame.DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE, size=(170,70), layout=FlowLayout())
f.add(JLabel("A label:"))
f.add(JButton("Press Me"))

Mini Observations

  • IronPython makes loading the .Net libraries explicit by using the clr module.
  • Both implementations allow setX functions in object constructor's argument list.