10 December 2007

Convert Number Bases

Convert a number from base-10 to another base using the .Net Convert.ToString(number, target-base) static function. Test in PowerShell:

> [Convert]::ToString(15,16)
> [Convert]::ToString(15,2)

To convert from base-n to base-10, use .Net Convert.ToInt32(String, source-base). There are also ToInt16() and ToInt64() methods. Examples using ToInt32() below:

> [Convert]::ToInt32("f",16)
> [Convert]::ToInt32("1111",2)

If you use the wrong source-base, PowerShell shows this error:

Exception calling "ToInt32" with "2" argument(s): "Could not find any recognizable digits."
At line:1 char:19
+ [Convert]::ToInt32( <<<< "f",2)

Note: Don't mix this class with DOS convert command which converts a filesystem from FAT32 to NTFS!