26 January 2007

Configuring Netgear Router

Been having problems with our new home wireless network. Sometimes our computer takes minutes to get an IP address while other times it never gets an IP address. The computer used to work most of the time when I associated its network adapter's MAC address with a fixed IP address on the router. Today, it couldn't get a network address at all. Now I noticed that there were two other local wireless networks with the same SSID and using the same channel as mine. Seems that by default, all Netgear routers use "NETGEAR" as an SSID and use channel 11. Changed my router's SSID and channel and everything works now.

27 Jan 07. Only enabled 802.11g band on both router and computer. Can't see any point using the slower and less secure 802.11b standard. Wonder if I should change to channel 6 but I don't yet understand what "overlapping" channels mean (see Que excerpt).

Also turned on MAC address filtering to stop unrecognised computers from accessing my router.

29 Jan 07. The router and computers have been buzzing away without any problems for the last couple of days.