27 January 2007

Blogger Labels

Started seriously using Blogger Labels today to organize my journal entries. Blogger Labels are managed in the Edit Posts. Its user interface is similar to Google Mail's (not a surprise since Google owns Blogger) where you mark your journal entries then select a label from a drop-down list to assign that label to the marked journal entries. Each label and their references to journal entries are stored as a file in your web site, so to add a label to your blog's page, just add an HTML a tag to your blog's template.

Minor annoyance: you have to use the Edit Posts page to assign labels to existing journal entries and the Edit Posts page seems to reset to showing the first 50 entries if the page is refreshed. If you have a lot of entries, it becomes a real pain because you keep losing track of what you have done. There doesn't seem to be a way to configure the number of entries to show in the Edit Posts page.