06 February 2014

HFM Extended Analytics application name and table prefix

When we ran an Extended Analytics (EA) template in a new HFM application, the job halted with this error:

ERROR 2: Error during Extended Analytics export (Attention:  The metadata that currently exists for the Prefix %0 was extracted from a different Financial Management Application.  Extracted App: %1   Current App:  %2. You must use the Create option to overwrite this extract or use a different Prefix.)

According to the HFM Administrator's Guide, running an EA template would create a set of tables with the same prefix (e.g. DEMO_FACT, DEMO_YEAR) and master table called HFM_EA_EXTRACT. If you look in HFM_EA_EXTRACT, you should find an association between the application name and the tables with the same prefix. For this problem, my fix is to change the application name in HFM_EA_EXTRACT. The "Create" button in the HFM EA page didn't do anything and I didn't want to change the template's prefix because the applications that use the data would also have to be reconfigured.