12 January 2014

Netbeans Portable JDKHOME

You may get this dialog message when starting Netbeans Portable: Cannot find java.exe in specified jdkhome.. For me, the dialog appears because I have a JDK installed instead of inside the Netbeans Portable folder. To avoid responding to this message every time I start Netbeans, I made two changes to my configuration files:

  1. Close Netbeans first. If you don't close Netbeans, it will overwrite your changes to the configuration files.
  2. Edit ...\NetBeans_JavaSE_7.4_Portable\App\netbeans\etc\netbeans.conf and set netbeans_jdkhome to the path of your JDK installation.
  3. Edit ...\NetBeans_JavaSE_7.4_Portable\App\AppInfo\Launcher\NetBeansPortable.ini and comment out the section that overwrites netbeans_jdkhome. You comment out lines in an INI file by inserting a semicolon in the first column of a row.