30 September 2013

Claiming Myki Reimbursement

Here is a procedure for quickly claiming a Myki reimbursement if you are clearly overcharged. Myki is the smartcard system used for public transport fares in Melbourne.

Assumptions: Your Myki card(s) is registered on the PTV site so that you can check your trip and charges, and you know your account PIN.

  1. Wait 48 hours after the overcharged trip before contacting the PTV service centre. (You can call the PTV earlier but the operators won't do anything until 48 hours have passed.)
  2. Ensure you know the trip details (route, time, date and stops).
  3. Ensure you know your Myki card number.
  4. Call PTV call centre on 1800 800 007 then press 1 and 6.
  5. When an operator responds, explain that you have been overcharged for some Myki trips.
  6. Give the operator your PIN to confirm your identity.
  7. Give the operator the relevant Myki card number and trip details.
  8. Let the operator confirm that your claim is valid. The operator has to check the route, stops and zones. After confirming your claim, the operator should give you a trouble ticket number for your record.
  9. PTV should send you a confirmation by e-mail within a day or two.
  10. Your Myki card should be credited when you touch on again.