24 January 2009

Beginning Firefox Ubiquity

Been playing with Firefox Ubiquity add-in for the past month and found myself using these commands:

define (def) word
Gives definition of a word in Ubiquity popup.
map <location>
Shows Google Map in Ubiquity popup. If you press Enter, it opens Google Maps in a new tab.
tab <tab name>
Displays the named tab. For example, tab gmail would display the Gmail tab. Useful if when I open too many tabs and can't see tabs that are off-screen.
translate (tr)
Translate selected text to English in Ubiquity popup. I browse Malaysian news sites but my BM is rusty, so I like to check that I read some text correctly. The translation fails if there are proper names in the start of the text, so I still have to visit a translation site.
twitter (tw)
Update your Twitter status. You have to provide Firefox with your Twitter user name and login to send the update.