12 July 2008

Extract Columns From Tabular Text - Powershell and Python

Finishing off different ways to extract columns, here's the PowerShell and Python versions:

foreach-object { $_.Split('<delimiter>')[-1] }

$_ is the current object (or record) in the loop. When processing tabular text, $_ is a .Net String class, so we use its Split() method to divide the input on the <delimiter>. Split() returns a String array, and index -1 refers to the last String (or column) in that array.

python -c "import sys; print ''.join(s.split('<delimiter>')[-1] for s in sys.stdin)"

Unlike Perl or Ruby, Python doesn't have any special command-line support to iterate through all lines of input or split the input, so we have to use this generator hack. Like the PowerShell version, each record (s) is a string, so we use a string's split() function to divide the input into an array and use index -1 to refer to the last column in that array.

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