23 May 2008

MDI Child Window Menu Shortcuts

I accidently moved PythonWin's Interactive window out of sight when I grabbed and dropped it with my mouse pointer. Restarting PythonWin didn't help because the position of the child window was stored in Windows Registry, so it remained hidden even after restarting PythonWin. I considered hacking Windows Registry to reset the child window's position, until I found the keyboard shortcuts to move the keyboard focus to a child window, show the System Menu and select the Move menu item.

Background: A child window is a window in a MDI application.

The keyboard shortcuts required to bring the child window back into view were:

  1. Move focus through child windows: Control+F6.
  2. Show a child window's System Menu: Alt+- (Alt Minus).
  3. Move child window: m, then press the cursor keys.

Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Windows applications: KB 126449.