06 November 2007

Firefox more popular than MSIE6

I can't quite believe my eyes. W3Schools Browser Statistics page shows that in September 2007, there more hits from developers with Firefox than MSIE6 or MSIE7 (35.4% vs. 34.9% vs. 20.8%). In CY2007, MSIE7's take-up rate started high but has since slowed to the same rate as Firefox, indicating that all early adopters have upgraded from MSIE6 to MSIE7. As the year progressed, MSIE6's share fell, and developers migrated to MSIE7 and Firefox in equal proportions. MSIE7 is built into, or auto upgraded in, new Windows distributions, so the fact that developers go out of their way to install Firefox must indicate a higher perceived value in Firefox over MSIE7.

Its also nice for Firefox to segue from a niche technophile browser into mainstream awareness. For instance, in a recent game show on telly, Are you smarter than a 5th grader?, both Firefox and MSIE are mentioned in the same breath:

Q: What type of software are Firefox and Internet Explorer? (That's roughly the question.)

A: Web browsers.