06 May 2007

Vista First Impressions Again

After getting over the difficulty of transferring all my files from my old PC to the new one, here's my first impressions of Vista compared to XP:

  • Definitely lots of eye candy. The semi-transparent borders are neat. Shadow around each window softens their edges.
  • Text display is very clear. Can't tell if it's because of the new computer or improvements in font display. Where's the option to tweak font appearances?
  • Windows Sidebar takes up too much desktop real estate. Until I can find a useful gadget, I turned it off.
  • System administration tasks are better integrated with Control Panel. The related tasks in each window are helpful.
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 now has tabbed browsing, but Windows Explorer doesn't. Trying to opening a folder in MSIE7 just opens yet-another Explorer window. Isn't it obvious that Explorer should have tabbed views to improve file and folder management? Stick with 2xExplorer!
  • Tablet PC input device is standard. No idea how to enable it for the touchpad or a tablet device.
  • What, Powershell not installed by default?
  • Windows Media Player is less annoying than previous versions that wanted to go on-line all the time.