14 April 2007

Asus Touchpad Advanced Settings

When I try to set the touchpad's advanced properties on my work-provided Asus notebook, I get the following error:

An exception occurred while trying to run "C:\WINDOWS\system32\shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL "C:\WINDOWS\system32\main.cpl",Mouse"

This problem still happened after I had installed TouchPad_XP_060220.zip from Asus, which installed the driver. Deep breath … Downloaded and installed the latest Synaptics driver, XP_2K.8.3.4 and now I can configure the touchpad's advanced properties.

It's a bit of a puzzle why the Asus drivers stopped working. I suspect that some of the Windows updates conflict with the Asus drivers. It's a bit hard to narrow down which update, since I don't always fiddle with the touchpad's advanced settings. Microsoft, Synaptics and Asus don't seem to have any information about why this problem occurs.