18 March 2007

Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Constant Authentication

My wireless adaptor software now always prompts me for a password to connect to my router, even though I've already provided a valid password in my profile. Turns out that I had enabled the Cisco Compatible Extensions, probably when I was trying different options to get my wireless adaptor working. It's not obvious that this setting is enabled in the Intel PRO/Wireless client program. Try this:

  1. Start the Intel PRO/Wireless client.
  2. Examine your wireless profile. The client doesn't display the Cisco options if you the Personal Security radio button selected.
  3. Select the Enterprise Security radio button. Now the Enable 802.1x Authentication Type field and Cisco Options ... button appear.
  4. Press the Cisco Options ... button to display the Cisco Compatibility Extensions Options dialog.
  5. Uncheck the Enable Cisco Compatibility Extensions check box.

It would have been more obvious to the user if the extra field and button were always visible but only enabled when Enterprise Security was selected.

Later .... The problem persists, so it's nothing to do with the Cisco Compatibility Extensions. I let Windows manage the wireless adaptor and (ping!) it works. Tried Standby and Restart options for Windows and there's no problems connecting to the wireless router. Could this finally be the end of the wireless annoyances?