15 September 2005

Nethack Death - Cleaved by Tsurugi Muramasa

It was going pretty darn well; I was a samurai with AC -26, strength 18/26, dexterity 18, blessed +2 Greyswandir, invisible, can see invisible, ring of slow digestion, amulet of reflection and a whole raft of intrinsics. I had finished the mines and Sokoban levels and cocky enough to take on my nemesis. There was no problem dealing with the ninjas and ronins in the donjon. Finally, I met Ashikaga Takauji. We fought for five rounds then his Tasurugi of Muramasa cleaved me in two. WAAAAAH!

After that traumatic event, I realised that I should have wielded my blessed +5 Snickersnee instead, since samurai can be expert in long sword but not saber.