28 January 2018

Bookmarking PDF documents in the Chrome browser

  1. Bookmark a page by appending "#page=n" to the book's URL. E.g. "http://blah.pdf#page=23". The number, n, seems to be the page number from the first page (usually displayed as "n of m"). Useful for documents without a table of contents.
  2. Set the zoom level by appending "zoom=x" to the document's URL. E.g. "http://blah.pdf#zoom=150". The number is a percentage, so "150" = "150%".
  3. Combine the extensions using "&". E.g. "http://blah.pdf#page=23&zoom=150".

The parameters as the same as the command line switches for Adobe Acrobat (see below) but I was only interested page number and zoom: Parameters for Opening PDF Files

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